Calendars are often overlooked as effective marketing tools, but a simple calendar is actually one of the better investments you can make in your business. Just think, is there any other form of advertisement where customers willingly let you promote your brand on their wall for an entire year? With 3.1 calendars per household, these cost-effective promotional products have continuously been proven to work. Here are some reasons why calendars are and will remain relevant for years to come.

Top Reasons to Think About Calendar Advertising


  1. Calendars Are Useful. Calendars serve a very useful purpose. In fact, the average person uses 2.5 calendars per year. While virtual calendars are also widely utilized, recent research has shown that people still prefer to write things down. All age groups and demographics use calendars, but Baby Boomers especially appreciate marketing gifts of day planners, desk calendars and wall calendars.
  2. Calendars Are Affordable. There are promotional calendars available to suit nearly every budget. Additionally, calendars provide an extremely low price per impression. Just think about how many times a day a customer or potential customer glances at their calendar. Each one of those glances could represent someone also thinking about your particular brand.
  3. Calendars Hold Universal Appeal. Everyone appreciates and can use multiple calendars, regardless of the industry.
  4. Calendars Increase Brand Visibility for a Year. Calendars are a long-lasting investment. They are an extremely effective way to stretch your advertising dollar. Again, your logo or brand has the potential to be front and center every time a customer consults that calendar over the course of a year.

Promotional Calendars Offer Endless Possibilities


From completely one-of-a-kind custom calendars to best-selling stock versions for every budget, calendars offer endless possibilities. It’s nearly impossible to not find a calendar suitable for your business. We will work with you from concept to completion to ensure that your calendar is exactly what you envisioned.

Plus, early-order pricing on calendars is available up until July 1st. Contact us now to order your 2019 promotional calendar at this special rate.