I think it’s safe to say there are many companies we use and support, but don’t necessarily care to walk around as their billboard. On the flip-side, there are times we want to provide a thank you gift to a customer, want it to be a reminder of our company and our appreciation for their business, but not shouting “look at us, look at us”. Using promotional items with a more subtle branding approach can create a more intimate and personal experience for the recipient. It shows them the gift is more about your appreciation for them than having others see you. This approach can do a few things.

  1. Strengthen the bond between your company and the customer.
  2. May get more day-to-day usage as it’s not an ad, instead it’s just a really nice retail-looking product. This results in high value and low cost per impression
  3. Potential for more word-of-mouth advertising as the recipient shares what a neat gift they received.

This is exactly was was accomplished using this custom created tote bag. Our customer was able to choose the color of the canvas body, canvas accents, straps, zipper, hardware, and liner. The liner was then printed with their logo in a pattern. Each and every time this bag is opened our customer’s logo is there to greet them.