January 2023

Top six in branded merch from 2023 Product Expo

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2023 Branded Apparel + Merch Product Expo Recap 3 days 894 exhibitors 1,524 photos 52,225 steps WE DID IT! We went with a mission to find as much cool new apparel + merch as possible. We started our days early and didn't stop, even to eat until the day was done. When Drew says no lunch, he means it! We've been through all the photos, checked out all the samples, and had alllll the discussions. We are ready to share our favorites in branded merch with you. If you know us, you know it was REAL hard to narrow it down to just three each. We have many favorites to share with you this year. Keep an eye out for more to come. Pop Slide: The functionality of a pop socket without the full commitment. It’s perfect for those who love the idea of a pop socket but [...]

June 2018

4 Reasons Why Promotional Calendars Provide Great Bang for Your Buck

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Calendars are often overlooked as effective marketing tools, but a simple calendar is actually one of the better investments you can make in your business. Just think, is there any other form of advertisement where customers willingly let you promote your brand on their wall for an entire year? With 3.1 calendars per household, these cost-effective promotional products have continuously been proven to work. Here are some reasons why calendars are and will remain relevant for years to come. Top Reasons to Think About Calendar Advertising   Calendars Are Useful. Calendars serve a very useful purpose. In fact, the average person uses 2.5 calendars per year. While virtual calendars are also widely utilized, recent research has shown that people still prefer to write things down. All age groups and demographics use calendars, but Baby Boomers especially appreciate marketing gifts of day planners, desk calendars and wall calendars. [...]

May 2018

First Class Pen

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I was sitting in the Atlanta airport returning home from a successful few days of supplier meetings in sunny Tampa, Florida. As I was waiting to board the request of one supplier continued to play through my head. I walked down the jet way with bag in one hand, a few $0.55 stylus pens in the other. I entered the door of the Delta jet and was greeted by the flight attendant. Instead of just my typical hello, I simply and nonchalantly handed the gentleman the three pens and told him these were a gift for him and the other flight attendants. The gentleman thanked me and I headed down the narrow aisle so as not to hold up the boarding process. I got to my seat near the middle of the aircraft and settled in next to the window. I began to wonder if what [...]

March 2018

Tools to Succeed

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Our friends at Danfoss (formerly Sauer-Danfoss) were preparing for another group of Summer interns to join them, and asked us to provide some swag to welcome them. Embarking on an internship adventure is exciting, but can also be stressful. That’s why we decided to propose the Sauer-Danfoss Intern Survival Kit. We wanted each intern to have the necessary tools and information to have a successful Summer, but also make it personal. This kit was received well by the interns, and was the recipient of a Promotional Products Association International award the following year. Included in the kit were: Hands Free Property Transporter - Backpack-style tote Intern Survival Guide/Analog Data Collection Device - Custom journal that includes pages of acronyms interns must know, with lined paper to take all necessary notes. Emergency Liquid Hydration Container - Canteen-style water bottle Intern [...]

February 2018

Sometimes a Whisper is More Powerful Than a Shout

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I think it’s safe to say there are many companies we use and support, but don’t necessarily care to walk around as their billboard. On the flip-side, there are times we want to provide a thank you gift to a customer, want it to be a reminder of our company and our appreciation for their business, but not shouting “look at us, look at us”. Using promotional items with a more subtle branding approach can create a more intimate and personal experience for the recipient. It shows them the gift is more about your appreciation for them than having others see you. This approach can do a few things. Strengthen the bond between your company and the customer. May get more day-to-day usage as it’s not an ad, instead it’s just a really nice retail-looking product. This results in high value and low cost per impression [...]

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