March 2023

Top branded apparel picks for 2023 

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We saw a lot of new apparel styles in Vegas in January, from new brands entering the branded promo space to new styles from some of our favorites. We've picked our favorites to share with you. But first, let's talk a little about why branded apparel. Year after year, apparel ranks amongst the top promotional products with consumers. From t-shirts to workwear, more and more companies are embracing the idea of using branded apparel for their team, customer appreciation, and giveaways. Custom apparel is a powerful branding tool. There are a variety of reasons companies ultimately choose branded apparel; a few include: Brand Recognition: The more your brand is out in the wild, the easier it is to attract and retain customers. Cost Effective Marketing: Maximizing your budget Increased Exposure: You give an employee or client a nice piece of apparel. They wear it; others see [...]

March 2018

Tools to Succeed

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Our friends at Danfoss (formerly Sauer-Danfoss) were preparing for another group of Summer interns to join them, and asked us to provide some swag to welcome them. Embarking on an internship adventure is exciting, but can also be stressful. That’s why we decided to propose the Sauer-Danfoss Intern Survival Kit. We wanted each intern to have the necessary tools and information to have a successful Summer, but also make it personal. This kit was received well by the interns, and was the recipient of a Promotional Products Association International award the following year. Included in the kit were: Hands Free Property Transporter - Backpack-style tote Intern Survival Guide/Analog Data Collection Device - Custom journal that includes pages of acronyms interns must know, with lined paper to take all necessary notes. Emergency Liquid Hydration Container - Canteen-style water bottle Intern [...]

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